Pro Acoustic Panel (2 Pack) - 2 feet x 4 Feet (Wall Mountable)

Pro Acoustic Panel (2 Pack) - 2 feet x 4 Feet (Wall Mountable)

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LARGE SIZED - EXCELLENT FOR ALL ROOM SIZES INCLUDING BEDROOM PRODUCERS - Filled with the best acoustic core material available, they look stylish, work great and have sound absorption properties much superior than acoustic foam. All the hardware you need for installation is included at no extra charge. We include enough Snap-on Anchors and hardware to neatly and securely install each panel on drywall, concrete, or wood walls. 

  • 4 Feet tall
  • 2 Feet Wide
  • Absorbs & Reflects Sounds Professionally
  • Perfect For Bedroom Studios
  • Mounts On The Wall Easliy
  • Light Weight
  • 2 inches Thick (Fiber Glass)
  • Turns Any Room Into A Semi Sound Treated Studio

2GB Of Sounds🔥

Placement Ready Samples

Don't take our word for it


I want to gatekeep this for myself lol. Definitly grab this though guys, makes your workflow a hundred times smoother because everything is in one place💯


Atlanta, GA


Only kit I've been using for months now! Has everything you need🔥


Los Angeles, CA


I like how they revamped this and added hundreds of new sounds. I use this on the daily💪


Houston, TX


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